Trading on GDAX and Coinbase with No fees

Trading on GDAX and Coinbase with No fees

Cryptocurrency trading actually has become a rave of moment. But, cryptocurrency trading transactions generally come with a few transaction costs that a lot of buyers might find very discouraging. In today’s article, you are going to learn how you will trade on the Coinbase & GDAX without paying fees. It’s very important to note Coinbase is the digital currency exchange that is based in San Francisco, California, US. gdax is a Digital Based Asset Exchange that is based in United States. You may actually avoid such exchange fees as both the Coinbase and the GDAX are under same ownership. Generally, GDAX charges low fees to carry out some crypto trades.

Why I Must Follow the Guide?

The guide is of huge benefit to you. Cost of trading over Coinbase is very high and you will not want to pay extra 4% on each transaction that you make on this platform, will you? The Coinbase charges you around 4% of the deposits made by using debit card and similar bank transfers. And in another setting, you will pay 1.4% for the cryptocurrency purchase as well as same rate when you sell. With this fee structure, this becomes tough to make the good profits in the cryptocurrency trading.

Understanding the Fee Structure

You have to know that GDAX exchange has the fee structure. The GDAX operates Maker and Taker Order structure of fee.

Maker Right Order

For a Maker Order, you provide the transaction to the prospective buyer that accepts doing this transaction with you. Thus, you are Maker and person that accepts the transaction is called Taker.

Taker an Order

In reverse scenario, whenever you accept any offer from somebody at either market price or person’ price, then you become Taker and other person becomes a Maker.

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