Grand Theft Auto 5 – What You Need to Know

Grand Theft Auto 5 – What You Need to Know

GTA 5 Mobile Android version is a game of selection for the GTA 5 fans who likes to play this game when travelling. The GTA 5 game for android world is the adventure and fun game in Los Santos. You may switch between 3 main characters: Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa, and Franklin Clinton. It’s same to the computer, Playstation as well as Xbox version. The game was released first on the android on September 25th 2015 and it is very simple to do gta 5 mobile download on your phone.


GTA 5 android version has the best graphics and sound quality on the mobile platform and will be compared to Xbox or Playstation platform. This depends upon which handset you are using. The latest phone that have the better processor, graphics and ram perform much better than older devices. The good thing is it works on the tablet that is running the android version 4.0 and higher. There are some people who suggest playing the gon tablet as it has the larger screen.

GTA 5 Mobile Download

GTA 5 for Android can be the game changer for the gamer, and good thing is that they will continue playing this game from some their other version. The best feature of the game is you can save your file from some other console as well as continue right from there. There’re some new feature that is available only for the mobile platforms. You can play on internet just by connecting through Bluetooth and WiFi. The game also can be played on the offline mode however you will have to get on internet to save the game.

As number of online gamers have increased in the mobile platform. The developers are now trying hard to bring the game phones. Rockstar cannot bring GTA IV for phone because hardware on these devices weren’t advanced. Nowadays we will find the quad core processor in our phone as well as powerful graphics and ram that is sufficient to run the Grand theft auto V on 1024 x 768  of resolution.

Grand Theft Auto V for Android

The Grand Theft Auto V is the action packed adventure game for mobile where you may play from the first person and third person view. This is based on the fictional city named Los Santos that is inspired from original city of Los Angeles. You may roam freely anywhere at GTA 5 version.

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