You can’t wait to watch the “Amavasya Chandrudu” movie online. If you check this…

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Kamal Hasan, Madavi, L.V. Prasad, etc.

Direction:Singeetam Srinivas Rao

Music: Ilayaraja

Cinematography: BarunMukharjee

Produced by: Kamal Hasan, Chandra Hasan, Charu Hasan on the banner of Hasan Brothers

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Amavasya Chandrudu’s movie was produced and acted by Universal Actor Kamal Hasan.  The legendary versatile director SingeetamSreenivas Rao directed the movie.  Another legendary music director Ilayaraja gave music, which songs can be listened to till now without feeling bored.  It’s actually made in Tamil as Raja Paarvai and was released on 10th April 1981.  Later, the movie was released on 29th August 1981, titled as Amavasya Chandrudu in Telugu.  Let’s check some interesting things about the Amavasya Chandrudu movie.


The story of the movie is about a blind guy Raghu (Kamal Hasan), who has many commands on the usage of the violin.  A Christian girl Nancy (Madavi), is attracted to the way Raghu plays the violin.  Nancy is also inspired by Raghu, who lives the life confidently even though he is blind.  In the meantime, Nancy falls in love with Raghu.  But, her father rejects her love and decides to give her to someone else and marry her.  How Nancy marry Raghu?  Was their love succeeded or ended with a sad climax?  The answers will reveal in the rest of the movie.

Top Reasons Why to Watch “Amavasya Chandrudu” movie online:

The first and best reason is that this movie was the historical combo of Universal Star Kamal Hasan and Versatile Director Singeetam Srinivas Rao.

The movie was made under the Romantic Love genre with lovable songs and background music.

The movie Amavasya Chandrudu was the first movie to Kamal as a producer.

It was the milestone 100th movie to Kamal Hasan and the movie produced by Kamal along with his brothers Charu Hasan and Chandra Hasan.

Many prestigious awards like National and Film fare, etc. Awards came to Kamal in the best actor male category.

Kamal was also officially involved in the script of the movie for the first time.

There is nothing to say, especially about Kamal Haasan’s acting and Singeetam Srinivas Rao’s direction. They are legendary persons in the film industry.  Many masterpieces have already been made in their combination.  But first of all, this Amavasya Chandrudu movie came and laid the groundwork for their combination.

Love and emotional scenes between Madavi and Kalam were heart touching.


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