Requirements for sunrooms and necessary regulations to be followed

Requirements for sunrooms and necessary regulations to be followed

We can use covers for porches ,Bamboo canes,Sun cotton towels, PVC or cotton retractable curtains, manually or by motor, Covers for verandas NOT permitted, canvases in waterproof pvc, Wood with sheath and tiles, Wood with sheathing and shingles, Plexiglas, Glass, and polycarbonates .

The glass plates used for the roofs , in order to hold up the snow, are made in two or more layers and covered with an accident-prevention film, but they have a considerable weight. Plexiglas , compared to glass , has the advantage of costing and weighing less add a sunroom in San Jose, CA

The alveolar polycarbonate roof is widely used thanks to both its thermal characteristics, due to an empty chamber placed in the center of the panel, and the lower cost compared to glass or Plexiglas. This type of awning cover can be used up to six meters deep , is very impact resistant, protects against ultraviolet rays and can flex, but not break. It also has a very low specific weight.  Square meter (22% VAT included) and is deductible from taxes in 10 equal installments, over ten years, and is valid with these parameters until as of 31 December 2023.

Necessary regulations and permits

If the external veranda is a type of closed structure (see above Not permitted roofing and Not permitted perimeter closures) it involves an expansion of the square footage of your home. Precisely for this reason, in order not to incur penalties or the removal of the veranda itself, make sure you have all the necessary permits for its construction. In the first place it must be said that, since the construction involves an increase in volume, the house must have residual space within which to build the structure.

To understand if there is the possibility of creating a structure of this type, you will need to contact your municipality of residence to request the de facto filed status and any cadastral map of the property . In this way you can understand if there are building meters that can be exploited .

If you prefer, you can contact a technician with a joint signature. In the event that the opinion is affirmative, since the external veranda involves a modification of the facade, you will have to ask the municipality for permission to build and therefore for a real building permit.

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