Adhesive Tape – We’re Stuck On It

Adhesive Tape – We’re Stuck On It

Packing tape or adhesive tape is mainly used for packing. It was Richard Drew who developed this product during the 1920s. The material he used at the time to create this tape was cellophane. That is why it was known as cellophane tape. The sticky surface product was developed as a type of coating that can be used with various types of industrial products. In 1930 the first commercially developed cellophane tape was delivered to the customer. In the same year, 3M developed another similar product. The name of the product was adhesive tape.

Since then countless varieties of this product have been created. Today, packing tape is widely used in almost all forms of packaging, in addition to other uses. It is available in a wide range of sizes. Sizes range from half an inch to two inches. Shipping packages are generally packaged with 1 to 2 inch ribbons. Today, many different types of materials are used to make tape. So you get rubber, paper, aluminum foil, fiberglass, silicone, cellophane, and acrylic tapes. The choice of material depends on the required strength of the fastener.

Today, in addition to its packaging purpose, this tape for wood is also used for air ducts, electrical cables, for holding containers, and for attaching rugs to the floor. To suit different requirements, there are also tapes that have adhesive on both sides. Some are reinforced (sealing elements) while others have velcro and foam (for insulation purposes). There are also special purpose tapes such as double sided black foam tape, acrylic vinyl tape, polyimide tape, etc. Additionally, various styles also come with the dispensers. Duct tape not only makes things comfortable for us, it is also essential.

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