How to choose the piston pump that best suits your needs?

How to choose the piston pump that best suits your needs?

The flow rate is indicated in liters per minute and is directly proportional to the speed of rotation. The rotation speed is indicated in revolutions per minute. The pressure is indicated in the bar and is the maximum for which the pump has been designed. The absorbed power is indicated in kW and represents the absorption to achieve the maximum flow and pressure performance indicated

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Criteria for choosing a manual pump

Fixed  bilge pump singapore or portable use: it is the first thing to consider. Pumps to extract water or other liquid from a tank or a container such as a tank or a barrel, need to be able to move them. In that case, it is better to choose a pump with lever or swivel, with a plastic body and universal two-thumb sleeve (to place the pump in the place of the tank or barrel cap). However, to water the garden, you should opt for a pump with a cast iron body, with a column foot and decorative details, for example.

Flow rate: it is an important criterion indicated in l / mn (liters per minute). The flow rate relates to the volume of the liquid obtained with the time spent in pumping. If what you need is a fuel pump, opt for a high-flow rotating model (about one liter for each crank turn). If, on the contrary, you will need 1 or 2 buckets for the garden, a cast iron pump with a word of 15 to 35 l / mn would be more than enough.

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